WT059 Larry Mahan Black Cowboy Boot WINE TOTE

WT059 Larry Mahan Black Cowboy Boot WINE TOTE
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  • Item #: WT059 Larry Mahan Black

WT059 Larry Mahan Black Cowboy Boot WINE TOTE

One of the few remaining cowboy boot WINE TOTES created by the late Texas craftsman, Arlie Garrett.

Made from an authentic vintage leather cowboy boot with history. Distress marks and signs of age, if any, are part of the boot’s story. This versatile item features a beautiful silver and gold tone concho. The hand cut leather strap makes for convenient carry and/or display. Matching hand cut leather trim and decorative nail heads encircle the bottom, which is cowhide lined, inside and out. Matching nail head feet protect the underside.

Unique and original gift idea! Add a little *W*O*W* to your gift-giving with a lovingly handcrafted item made from a ‘previously loved’ cowboy boot. Give it on its own, with a list of suggested uses, or, with a bottle of wine, flowers, chocolates, gourmet olive oil, kitchen utensils, artists’ brushes... you name it! The possibilities are endless, and makes it a great conversation piece ‘to boot’!

Approximate Single Strap Drop Length in Inches: 10

Approximate Height in Inches: 10 5/8

Approximate Base Width in Inches: 4 3/8

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Debby Garrett

NOTE: To learn more about this beloved craftsman, click on the 'Texas Country Reporter' link on our website Home page. Follow in Arlie's footsteps as he makes cowboy boot purses. Listen as he tells Bob Phillips the story of how his fascination with cowboy boot history, admiration for the artistry of bootmakers, and emerging flair for design and craftsmanship evolved into a small business, which eventually became known as, 'Rootin Tootin Boutique.' In the second video, see Arlie’s original design, the 'Hartford Purse', showcased in a nationally televised Hartford Insurance commercial.

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